Essiac for Dogs

While we have heard comments from other sellers of Essiac, we have never really spent much time thinking about our pets.

Well, a few months ago we received a phone call from a customer that has been trying to give her dog Essiac.  She told us that it is been difficult to get her dog to drink the Essiac as she has tried everything to coax her dog to drink the brew.  She said at this point, just the smell of the product and her dog runs away.

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She heard about the soft gels and asked us what kind of success we have had making this available to those with pets.  Quite frankly, we had really not thought too much about this type of marketing and I really didn’t have much advice to offer.  She told me she would like to buy a bottle and give it to her dog.

I asked how she planned on giving a couple of soft gels to a dog and to my surprise, she had already figured that out.  She said she would take two soft gels and wrap them up in a piece of ham and it would be no problem for her dog to consume that instantly.

Essiac for Pets

Essiac 8 Herb soft gels are safe and effective for your pet.

Yesterday we received a call from this same lady who is now buying her fourth bottle of Essiac for her dog.  She told us her dog is doing so much better since starting on the Essiac.  The dog has had some tumors and other ailments that has slowed him down and now they see him running around and playing like he did 10 years ago.  She mentioned to her vet that she had been giving him this product and the vet was very aware that many people give Essiac to their dog and cats.  The vet noticed the dog was much more active and even commented that some of the tumors he had been checking have gotten smaller.

I am very pleased to hear her results and not having a pet of my own, I guess I have been totally out of touch with the facts that dogs and cats get sick, they get disease and get ill, just like humans.  I never thought of Essaic for pets but now that even the vet knows people give Essiac to pets, I begin to wonder how they have been getting the old fashion brewed version down their throats?  I can tell you it was the fact the brewed version was so awful to taste (not to mention stinking up the kitchen during the process) that was the primary reason we came up with the soft gel approach.  I personally couldn’t swallow it without gagging!

I guess it must be much easier to wrap a piece of bologna around a couple of soft gels and have your dog jumping up and down waiting to devour that snack!  And improve their health as well!

If you love your pet, think of this like chicken soup, it can’t hurt and can only do you good!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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